Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not about coupons but remembering

I heard no politicians are going to speak today at ground zero to give the day to the families. I think that is nice being it is so close to the election. There are times when i am so busy with school that I forget the days, but I don't forget this day. I know there are other tragedies going around in the world like the war in Syrain. I know other place in the world had terrorist attacks also. But I am an American this is my home, my land, and where my loves ones are. So yes I am more focus on my country than anyone else country because I want the best for my country. My thoughts go out to those who lost loves one this day, my thanks goes out to those firefighters, Police, Medicaid who were there digging through the rumble trying to find people alive and fighting those flames. Brave people. To those on flight 93, who stood up for what's right. To those at the pentagon, who were there for a day’s work of helping our country, To those in WTC: being to work on time so they can earn a living. To those who stood up afterwards and went to war to fight the group of people who did this I thank you. For our freedom, for still fighting even when our government seems to be failing you and after some America people stop support you. Most of us didn't understand why we went to war or what the point was. To me I understood as we will not let anyone destroy our country, because America will always stand. NEVER FORGET NEVER SURRENDER

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