Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shopping Trip without coupons

Alright today i went to Alberstons to pick up a few things. They had a deal going when you buy 8 items you save 4 dollars and those items are sale. Also buy one steak and get two free. The totally for everything was 263 i spent 103 that's a 160 dollar savings. Now i did not have any coupons with me for this trip, i just stuck with the deals that were going on. I did two transaction plus i got a 10% off both transaction for wearing a NFL Jersey. Every Sunday during the NFL season if you wear a Jersey you will get 10% off your purchase. Please check with your Alberstons to see if they do this, i am not sure if all are the same. I know some people don't have to time to coupon or to look through coupons website and printing them out. This is why i am posting about this trip, because you can still save money with the deals that are going on in the store. However last week i did another shopping trip got about 400 dollars worth of stuff for about 200 half the savings. I did have coupons on the trip but I combine them with deals going on the store. So yes coupons help but in case you cant coupon, you can still save money. One big rule i try to always try to follow is never shop when your hungry you will always spend more. That's all for now.

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